What is a National Catholic Parish?

At the conclusion of the Second World War, Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa (a Roman Catholic Bishop) came into disagreement with many practices of the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil and this led to his leaving and severing ties with the Roman Catholic Church and to the establishment of the Brazilian National Catholic Church. This church movement has spread to many countries, including the United States, and is the National Catholic authority upon which Christ the King Mission Catholic Church exists.

Today, from coast to coast, the National Catholic movement continues to grow and spread, bringing Christ to many who had given up the hope of Catholic reforms or even their Catholicism altogether.

This mission parish differs from Roman Catholic parishes in matters of discipline only, maintaining all authentic Catholic theology and doctrine as it existed prior to the First Vatican Council.

Differences of discipline are seen in the ability of all ranks of the clergy to marry, if they desire, the practice of General Absolution of Sin, admittance of all the baptized to Holy Communion, and allowance both for remarriage and for the admittance of the remarried to all of the Sacraments of the Church, to name just a few.

One of Bishop Duarte Costa's first reforms was the translation of the Mass from the Latin into the native language of the people. The Roman Catholic Church codified the same change, nearly 30 years later. Perhaps, over time, Bishop Duarte Costa's other disciplinary changes may be adopted by Rome as well. In the meantime, this mission parish remains a glowing torch of hope for Catholics in need of acceptance and understanding.

To sum up: Christ the King Mission Catholic Church celebrates the same sacraments as any Roman Catholic Church and with identical validity.
This mission parish was erected in the year 2004, is self-sustaining and constantly growing both in parishioners and in the spiritual zeal necessary to bring the "Good News" to all people.

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