We know that this teaching authority involves the ministry of the Pope. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, we believe that the Pope cannot teach infallibly in the area of faith and morals independent of any collaboration with the college of bishops, with theologians, or without due consideration of the sensus fidelium. In other words, we believe infallible teaching is possible only when the Pope, Patriarchs of the Orthodox Churches, bishops of Apostolic Churches, and a representation of the faithful make it a truly collegial process.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, we celebrate as holy traditions the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of Mary.

Differing with Roman Catholic doctrine, we do not hold these as dogmas which must be absolutely accepted by all. This is because they were proclaimed ex cathedra by Popes outside of any collegial process.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, bishops, priests, and deacons serving in National Catholic parishes have been ordained by bishops who can trace their origins back to the Roman Catholic Church and to the Apostles.

This means our celebration of the seven sacraments is
VALID by the Roman Catholic Church.

Therefore, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered at Christ the King Mission Catholic Church is identical in VALIDITY and effect with a Mass offered at any other Catholic Church.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, we recognize clerical celibacy as a beautiful gift which enhances the ministry of those who freely choose it and which bears a powerful witness to the glorious reign of God.

Differing from Roman Catholic discipline, however, our priests and bishops may choose to marry. The grace and experience of the Sacrament of Marriage can greatly increase the efficacy of priestly ministry by transforming it into a mutual ministry of both husband and wife, and endowing it with added empathy and understanding.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, we regret the tragedy of divorce, but in light of the Gospels, we do not see the exclusion of remarried Catholics from the sacraments as consistent with the spirit of Christ's ministry.

In our church, divorced Catholics can celebrate marriage before a priest more than once and live out their marriage in full communion with the Church.

When you attend Mass at Christ the King Mission Catholic Church, you are welcomed to receive the Holy Eucharist at Mass; your children are welcomed to the Sacraments of Initiation and at the completion of earthly life, the dignity of a Catholic Burial.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, we see Baptism as the sacrament of initiation which makes all of the other sacraments available to us.


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