Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, we welcome all baptized Christians to join us in the reception of the sacraments of Eucharist and Penance.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, couples in our parishes realize that having children is an important purpose of marriage, and that they must be responsible in limiting the size of their families according to their ability to provide for them.

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, we do not condemn the use of artificial contraception as a means to achieve this goal of responsible parenthood.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, we respect and pray for the Pope, whose ministry is one of preserving truth and unity.

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, we see him as the first Bishop among equal bishops. We are careful to respect, as well, the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas which states that we must follow our own certain conscience, even if in so doing, we might be considered mistaken by Church authority.

We love the Catholic Church and are among those churches that identify themselves as Catholic.

In the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of the Second Vatican Council, we read, "The Church knows that she is joined in many ways to the baptized who are honored by the name of Christian, but who ... have not preserved unity or communion under the successor of Peter. For there are many who hold sacred scripture in honor as a rule of faith and of life, who have a sincere religious zeal, who lovingly believe in God, the Father Almighty, and in Christ, the Son of God and the Savior, who are sealed by baptism which unites them to Christ, and who indeed recognize and receive other sacraments in their Churches or ecclesiastical communities. Many of them possess the episcopate, celebrate the Holy Eucharist and cultivate devotion of the Virgin Mother of God. There is furthermore a sharing in prayer and spiritual benefits; these Christians are indeed in some real way joined to us in the Holy Spirit for, by his gifts and graces, his sanctifying power is also active in them".

We hope that this clarification will have answered all of your questions, but for many others, on the contrary, it will create many more new questions in your mind.

We would value an exchange of ideas with you. Just give us a call. Rev. Fr. Hostkoetter, Obl. SB, will be more than happy to sit down and spend some time with you.

You are always welcome to celebrate Mass with us.




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