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Perhaps this is a concept of Church which should grow in the United States. It is certainly considered by many contemporary Catholics as a concept that is now very long overdue.


Right here in the Greater St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri area, there is just such a Church. While the Brazilian National Catholic Church evolved as a ministry to the poor, Christ the King Mission Catholic Church ministers to the poor, as well as to the spiritually impoverished, and to the many mainstream Catholics who, for any number of reasons, feel rejected and alienated from the Church of their youth.


Multitudes of mainstream Catholics, because of divorce and remarriage or the practice of artificial birth control, feel unwelcome in the Roman Catholic Church. Rev. Fr. Paul E. Hostkoetter, Obl SB, pastor of this mission parish, in looking out at these numbers of scattered Catholics, often thinks of the scene described in Mark 6:34-35. Christ, in looking out from the boat at the vast crowd upon the shore, was moved with compassion, "for they were like sheep without a shepherd." Jesus welcomed a broken humanity with limitless love and unconditional forgiveness. Christ the King Mission Catholic Church, ecumenical in spirit, welcomes all baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, not only to be present for the celebration of the Mass but also to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Beyond this, we have welcomed all who seek a sincere relationship with God and count many non-Christian friends among those who worship regularly with us. For do we not all worship the same God and have the same need for salvation in our lives?


Christ the King Mission Catholic Church practices an authentic Catholicism rooted in the beliefs and worship of the Roman Catholic Church. The pastor of this mission parish was ordained by a National Catholic bishop who can trace his Orders to the Roman Catholic Church and thus to the Apostles in unbroken Apostolic Succession. The apostolic heritage of both The Most Reverend Ivam-Dutra de-Moraes, diocesan bishop of Belo-Horizonte, of Brazil and The Most Reverend J. Alberto Morales, Bishop of St. Benedict Abbey Nullius (Abbey with Diocesan standing), Bartonville, Illinois.   Bishop Morales is the representative of the Brazilian National Church (ICAB) within this country.  This mission parish is a proud member of the Brazilian National Church's missionary effort within the United States.

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