Christ the King Ministries and Mission Catholic Church

(Celebrating Brazilian-Catholic-Tradition)

Serving Christ in others


Below please discover our ministries, with related links for more information.

Retreat Center

Our Lady of the Rivers

Case Management/Nursing Facility Ministry

Our Lady’s Food Pantry

Church Fellowship and Wedding Ministry

Our Church fellowship is

† Catholic    † Ecumenical    † Evangelical

             Our Lady’s Food Pantry offers food to the hungry and volunteer opportunities throughout the greater St. Louis metro area.

             Case management services are available to assist the elderly, the marginalized and the disadvantaged of all ages.

             Our Lady of the Rivers is an operation designed to provide resources to all pregnant and un-wed women, regardless of age, race or religious belief.

             Christ the King retreat center offers get-away retreats and spiritual direction to Corporate and private groups as well as to individuals and families.


Christ the King is staffed by loving and caring volunteers: opportunities to assist with our work and ministry abound in all of the ministries listed on this page.


Volunteer service is the ministry of the individual Christian and of the Church.


Please consider sharing of your Self, your time and your talents to help those less fortunate. The pay is lousy, but the rewards are heavenly!